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Student ID Cards

New Student ID badge

ATTENTION! All students making a purchase in the bookstore with a voucher (including Pell grants) are required to have a student identification card.

When visiting the bookstore to make a purchase, please bring a copy of your class schedule and your student identification card with you.


A SSC student identification card is necessary to secure certain privileges and services on campus. It is highly recommended all new students visit the Office of Student Life, RM 2329 (located on the second floor directly across from Registration and the Cashier), to receive a SSC student Identification card immediately after registering for classes.

Any student ID card issued before June 16, 2010 is void and a new card must be issued.

No one will be issued an identification card until the identity of the individual can be verified.  Identification documents presented must be issued by an appropriate governmental agency and contain a photograph (e.g. drivers license, State ID, passport, etc.). This government identification document, along with a student's SSC student identification number, must be presented to the Office of Student Life in order to obtain an identification card.

Not sure what your SSC student identification number is? Your student identification number is contained in your "Welcome" email from the College, along with your user name and password for My SSC.

Still need help locating your SSC student identification number?

Student ID Card Guidelines

    • This card is only to be used for identification purposes at South Suburban College.  It is the property of South Suburban College and must be returned upon request.
    • A student must be enrolled in order to receive a college identification card.
    • No person will be issued an identification card until the identity of the student can be verified.  Identification documents presented must be issued by an appropriate governmental agency and contain a photograph.  (e.g. drivers license, State ID, passport, etc.)  The name and date of birth that appears on the identification document must also match your name as it appears in the college database.  This is also the name that will be printed on your identification card.
    • No profiles, hats, sunglasses, etc., will be allowed when your photograph is taken.
    • Identification information collected in the production of this card may only be used to support the mission of the college.
    • Your SSC identification card has been issued to assist our staff with the identification of the students and is to be presented upon request for privileges and services.  It is recommended that you have this card with you whenever on campus.
    • This SSC identification card is valid only while a registered student, or until it is revoked.
    • Your SSC identification card may not be transferred and does not authorize a student to act on the behalf of South Suburban College in any way.
    • Altering or intentionally damaging your SSC identification card, using another individual’s identification card or allowing another individual to use your identification card will result in confiscation of the card and administrative action.
    • The College is not responsible for any loss or expenses resulting from the theft or misuse of this card.
      A replacement fee will be charged if this card is damaged, lost, stolen, or confiscated.  If a replacement ID card is necessary for any reason, the original card, if in the possession of the student, must be relinquished to the Office of Student Life before another card is issued.
    • If a card is found, it can be returned to:
      South Suburban College
      Office of Student Life
      15800 S. State Street
      South Holland, IL 60473

    For more information call (708) 596-2000, ext. 2418 or 2337.

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