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Building Construction Technology Courses

Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

BLD 100 - How to General Contract a Green Home (2, 2)

This introductory course provides a broad overview of the field of construction technology as applied to carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, building rehabilitation and new construction. Emphasis is placed on construction techniques, materials, planning and building codes.

BLD 101 - Construction Materials and Methods I, Wood (4, 6)

Prerequisite: Qualifying score on the Placement test or completion of MTH 091 with a grade of "C" or higher

Course will cover structural footings, wall systems, physical properties of wood, building materials, and measurement grading. Hands-on projects allow students to thoroughly understand the principles and methods of rough residential carpentry by framing of a mock-up, scaled-down home. Actual house framing including floor, wall and roof construction with special emphasis placed on the framing square for stair stringers, gable and hip rafter layout.  Fee.

BLD 102 - Construction Materials and Methods II, Masonry (4, 6)

Brick, concrete principles, theory, and practice; cementing materials; brick, block masonry; plain and reinforced concrete, footing, foundations; combined systems; windows; fire protection; retaining walls; specifications. Form design, control of mixes; water cement ratios, water cement-lime ratios; proper curing of cement mixtures tension, and compression tests.  Fee.

BLD 103 - Home Energy Dynamics (3.5, 4)

Students will design a home that is safe, comfortable and energy efficient. Students will understand and identify various types of insulation materials, heating systems, windows, doors, solar heating systems and heat pumps, and be able to calculate heat gain and loss in a residence. Students will also be able to determine annual heating costs for any home.

BLD 105 - Print Reading for Building Construction (3, 3)

A course covering the basic types of drawings, symbols, building materials and construction techniques currently used in the building construction industry.  Fee.

BLD 106 - OSHA 30 HR Construction Safety (1.5, 2)

Thirty hour OSHA construction safety training class. Topics to include introduction to OSHA, electrical, fall protection, tools ladders, scaffolding, excavation, stairway safety and other safety issues.

BLD 107 - Pre-Apprenticeship Training (3, 4)

Class will focus on the basic skills required for acceptance in construction apprenticeship programs. Class will focus on math, physics, basic electricity, spatial and use of the construction master calculator.

BLD 110 - Surveying I (4, 6)

Prerequisite: Qualifying score on Placement test or one of the following: MTH 167, 190 or 106

An elementary course in surveying includes the fundamentals of plans, surveying and the use of surveying equipment. The measuring of distance, theory and practice of leveling, angles and bearing principles, use of the transit, stadia, contour, topographic surveying and construction survey problems are studied in class and laboratory assignments.  Fee.

BLD 111 - Soil Mechanics (3, 4)

A course designed to prepare the student to analyze soil types, conditions and their ability to support loads.  Fee.

BLD 140 - HVACR 1 (4, 6)

This heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration course prepares the student to work on systems that control the temperature, humidity and air quality of enclosed environments. Students learn to assemble, install, maintain and service climate control equipment. $25 lab fee  Fee.

BLD 141 - HVACR 2 (4, 6)

Prerequisite: BLD 140

This is the second half of the HVACR core classes. The student will learn advanced techniques in the installation and repair of HVACR equipment.  Fee.

BLD 142 - Duct Fabrication and Installation (3, 3)

Course covers the basic components, equipment and operation for sheet metal layout and fabrication.  Fee.

BLD 150 - Intro To Green Building Science (2, )

An introduction to building science, topics to be studied include conductive and infiltration heat transfer, moisture migration, building sustainability and durability, energy efficient and green construction techniques. This course is a requirement for the "Home Energy Raters" certificate.

BLD 159 - Intro to Brownfield Remediation, Land Reuse, and Public Health (3, 5)

Environmental issues and impacts of potentially contaminated sites, particularly in the Midwestern area will be discussed. We will emphasize Federal, state, and local guidelines that apply to Brownfield and land reuse sites,as well as, strategies to improve community health through redevelopment. This course will also provide linkage to other program courses such as site assessment, safety, and environmental health.

BLD 160 - Residential Energy Auditing (2, )

Prerequisite: BLD 150

An introduction to residential energy auditing, topics to be studied include conductive and infiltration heat transfer, heat transfer multipliers, climate data and heat loss calculations. Emphasis on heat loss calculations, furnace sizing, energy usage and BCRs. Course work on how to incorporate energy efficient and green construction techniques into a proposed or existing home. This course is a requirement for the "Home Energy Raters" certificate.

BLD 161 - Basic Safety Training for Construction and Brownfield Workers (3, 5)

This course covers the safety issues for brownfield and construction workers. Included are certificates in the OSHA 10 hr. Construction Outreach, First Aid/CPR/ Bloodborne pathogens, defibrillator, and Department of Transportation guidelines for the shipping, handing, and storage of hazardous substances.

BLD 162 - Introduction to Enviromental Health (3, 4)

This course introduces students to environmental health issues, including effects on public health, the ecosystem, and Brownfield, land use and re-use. A number of specific contaminants and sources are presented in the context of human exposure. Some occupational health issues are also presented. Specific scenarios are utilized to provide examples and challenge students to apply the knowledge that they are obtaining in the course. This course is appropriate for students who wish to pursue a career in environmental, occupational, and public health or want to understand environmental issues at construction/Brownfield sites.

BLD 163 - Brownfield Site Assessment (2, 3)

This course covers the understanding, collection and analysis of data from brownfield sites (industrial or commercial sites with environmental contamination). Students will learn the purpose and process of Phase 1 and Phase 2 environmental site assessment according to state and federal standards. Health and safety standards will be learned during site visits and field methods.

BLD 167 - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (3, 4)

This course covers the 40 Hour OSHA HAZWOPER(Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response. The class is designed to provide students the necessary instruction in hazardous waste operations and emergency response as it relates to chemical and physical exposures in industrial and field settings.

BLD 168 - Strategies for Safe Handling of Hazardous Substances (3, 4)

This course covers the safe handling of hazardous substances including mold, lead and asbestos.

BLD 203 - Estimating (3.5, 4)

Material, labor quantity surveys from working drawings, specifications. Quantity survey, estimating procedures; approximate detailed methods; office procedures related to estimating.  Fee.

BLD 205 - Project Supervision and Management (3, 3)

A course designed to offer the student some insight to and preparation for the responsibilities of project supervision and management.  Fee.

BLD 206 - Construction Materials and Methods IV, Electrical (4, 5)

Prerequisite: MTH 091 or higher

Course will cover basic design principles of electrical and lighting systems as well as electrical circuit fundamentals, distribution systems, power requirements, wiring layout and electrical building codes for residential and commercial buildings.  Fee.

BLD 208 - Modern Cabinetmaking I (4, 6)

Prerequisite: Qualifying score on the Placement test or MTH 091 with a grade of C or above required

This course is designed to provide the student with a basic understanding of cabinetmaking and fine woodworking. Topics of this course include: design, wood characteristics, working plans, estimation of materials, joint making and a variety of woodworking techniques. Upon the completion of this course, the student will have completed one of four class projects which is theirs to keep.

BLD 210 - Renovate Energy Efficient Green Home (5, 9)

Prerequisite: BLD 101

Study of the aspects of building technology as applied to rehabilitation; knowledge and application of building codes; preparation and reading of plans. Skill development in carpentry, masonry, electrical and plumbing. Students will rehabilitate an existing structure. May be repeated once for credit.  Fee.

BLD 215 - Pre-Plan Energy Efficient Green Home (3, 3)

All steps needed to prepare for the construction of a new home. Topics include permits, site selection, site layout, surveys, blueprints, specification writing and proposal reviews for the following: excavating, concrete, carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, masonry, insulation, drywall, cabinetry, floor coverings, siding, and overall planning.

BLD 220 - Build Energy Efficient Green Home I (6, 10)

Prerequisite: BLD 101

Advanced aspects of construction technology as applied to new residential construction; knowledge and application of building codes; material estimation and planning. Advanced skill development in the field of carpentry (rough framing). The class will frame the shell of a new home. May be repeated once for credit.

BLD 221 - Build Energy Efficient Green Home II (6, 10)

Prerequisite: BLD 101

Continuation of BLD 220 with an emphasis on finish carpentry, electrical, plumbing and insulation. The class will complete construction on a new home. May be repeated once for credit.  Fee.

BLD 225 - Residential Home Inspections (3, 4)

Students will learn to perform a home inspection. Topics will include foundations, framing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, roofing, kitchens, bathrooms and building codes.

BLD 250 - RESNET Home Energy Rater Training (3, )

Prerequisite: BLD 150, BLD 160

RESNET Home Energy Rater training will prepare one for the national RESNET Raters exam. Topics to be studied include conductive and infiltration heat transfer, climate data and heat loss calculations, energy usage, inspection techniques, blower door and duct blaster testing, RemRate auditing software and energy efficient material options.  Fee.

BLD 299 - Topics in Building Construction (Variable, 1-10)

A class, seminar, or lab investigating a special topic or issue in building construction. Topics may not be offered more than two times in three years. This course may be repeated once for credit.

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