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Applied Engineering Technology Courses

Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

AET 101 - Audio/Video & Smart Home (4, )

The course introduces basic concepts of audio and video signals and discusses the devices and components that constitute home entertainment systems. Students learn how to plan, design, install, and troubleshoot entertainment systems.  Fee.

AET 102 - Networking Technology (4, )

Prerequisite: AET 101

The course provides students the knowledge and skills required for designing, implementing, and maintaining a home network. They learn about networking protocols, network operating systems, network addressing, and security issues to be managed when setting up a home network.  Fee.

AET 105 - Communications Security & Technology (4, )

Prerequisite: AET 101

The course introduces students to the fundamentals of telecommunication systems. Students are instructed on the design, installation, and configuration of home telecommunication systems, including advanced wired and wireless systems. They learn to install in-house services, such as voice mail, intercom, and call conferencing.  Fee.

AET 190 - Systems Integration & Future Technology (4, )

Prerequisite: AET 101

This course covers tools, products, and services and presents the major commercial participants, common practices, and prevalent consumer perception of Home Technology Integration (HTI) benefits. Students design and build Integrated Home Network (IHN) and the tools, equipment, and expertise required to build it.  Fee.

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