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Pharmacy Technician Courses

Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

PHT 100 - Pharmacy Technician Orientation (3, 3)

Open to all students This course highlights the general practice of pharmacy and the role delineation between pharmacists and technicians. Field trip(s) to pharmacy facilities are included. (This course is similar to PHT 115 but contains NO LAB).

PHT 101 - Pharmaceutical Mathematics (3, 3)

Prerequisite: Admission to program, MTH 095 or equivalent with a grade of A or B

The student learns how to perform the basic pharmaceutical calculations necessary to dose the patients medications correctly. The dosage calculations deal with ratio and proportion, percentages, ratio strength, dilution/ concentration problems and IV admixture calculations. Registration for this course can only happen twice.  Fee.

PHT 102 - Pharmacy Operations I (3, 4)

Prerequisite: Admission to the program

Course simulates daily activities in the pharmaceutical practice settings. Topics include: order entry processes, medication distribution systems, inventory, prescription processing, billing, repackaging, cart fills, floor stock, controlled substance distribution, pharmaceutical computer systems, utilization of drug information resources, and proper communication techniques.  Fee.

PHT 103 - Sterile Products (3, 5)

Prerequisite: PHT 101

Provides an introduction to the operation of an intravenous admixture program Specific study topics Include: medication and parenteral administration, facilities-equipment-supplies utilized in admixture preparation, techniques utilized in parenteral product compounding, terminology and calculations used in the preparation of parenteral products, parenteral medication incompatibilities, and quality assurance in the preparation of parenteral products.  Fee.

PHT 104 - Pharmacology I (3, 3)

Prerequisite: BIO 115 and admission to the program

Course provides practical knowledge of pharmacology including pharmaceutical nomenclature and classification, mechanisms of drug actions, interactions, indications and contraindications, side effects, and methods of administering therapeutic agents primarily in the nervous, endocrine, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, respiratory, and gastrointestinal systems.

PHT 105 - Pharmacy Technician Internship I (1, 5)

Prerequisite: Approval of coordinator

Application of the basic pharmacy technician concepts in a community pharmacy setting with rotation options in an extended care facility pharmacy or home health care agency pharmacy. Internship requires 150 contact hours.  Fee.

PHT 106 - Pharmacy Technician Internship II (2, 6)

Prerequisite: Approval of coordinator

An advanced level internship rotation in a pharmacy setting such as community hospital or medical center, intravenous home health care facility, drug information center or a customized rotation based on a students previous experience. Internship includes 16 hours of seminar. Internship requires 150 contact hours.

PHT 107 - Pharmacy Law (1, 1)

Prerequisite: Admission to program

Course reviews the laws affecting the pharmacy practice. Course highlights include the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, Federal and State Controlled Substance Acts and the State Board of Pharmacy laws.

PHT 108 - Pharmacy Operations II (3, 4)

Prerequisite: PHT 102 or approval of program coordinator

Emphasis on the expanded responsibilities of pharmacy technicians. Topics include: Insurance processing, inventory control, investigational drugs, compounding activities, clinical pharmacy technician activities, chart reviews, quality assurance, herbal medication, robotics/ automation, immunizations, managed care pharmacy, home care pharmacy, long term care, home monitoring units, patient compliance, physical assessment monitoring, technician organization membership and medical/surgical supplied.  Fee.

PHT 109 - Pharmacology II (3, 3)

Prerequisite: BIO 115

Course provides practical knowledge of pharmacology including mechanisms of drug actions, interactions, indications and contraindications, and medication side effects in the following therapeutic categories: dermatology, sensory (eye and ear), immunology, hematology, urinary/ renal, infectious disease, oncology, nutrition, toxicology, recombinant technology and over-the-counter medications.

PHT 115 - Fundamentals of Pharmacy Tech Practice (6, 8)

Prerequisite: Open registration

Course provides career entry fundamentals needed to work in a community (or entry) pharmacy setting. Instructions methods include both lecture AND lab, as well as a field trip. (Course is similar to PHT 100 but this course, PHT 115, contains a lab)  Fee.

PHT 116 - Pharmacy Technician Orientation Lab (3, 4)

Prerequisite: Previous or concurrent enrollment in PHT 100

This laboratory course provides the practical application of prescription processing in a community (entry-level) pharmacy setting.  Fee.

For additional information, contact Dr. Jan Keresztes, Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator, at 708-596-2000 ext. 2432 or 2306.

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