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Electronic Engineering Technology Courses

Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

ELC 101 - Electrical Circuits I (4, 6)

Prerequisite: Qualifying Placement score in reading and pre- or co-requisite with one of the following: MTH 100, MTH 106

A study of DC electrical circuits, OHMs Law, Kirchoffs Law, series and parallel circuits, power and DC circuit analysis, including theorems such as Thevinins Theorem and Nortons Theorem. Proper use of test equipment is stressed throughout the lab sessions as students are taught to measure voltage, current resistance, power and other circuit parameters. The transient and steady state response of RC, RL, and RLC circuits is studied. An introduction to alternating voltages, currents and circuit parameters concludes this course.  Fee.

ELC 102 - Digital Electronics (4, 6)

Prerequisite: MTH 093 or Placement Test

An introduction to digital logic circuits and number systems. Beginning with basic gate theory, asynchronous and synchronous digital systems using SSI, MSI, and LSI integrated circuits are studied in counter, register, multiplexer and de-multiplexer, arithmetic circuits and other applications. Binary, decimal, hexadecimal, BCD and Gray Code number systems are also studied.  Fee.

ELC 105 - Electrical Circuits II (4, 6)

Prerequisite: ELC 101, MTH 106

A study of AC electrical circuits and theorems, phasors, reactances, impedances, phase relationships, power, resonance, J-operator and transformer characteristics. The oscilloscope is used extensively in the laboratory. Pulse circuits, wave forms, and transients are introduced using RC and RL circuits. The course is concluded with a study of passive filters and resonant circuits.  Fee.

ELC 110 - Electronic Circuits (4, 6)

Prerequisite: ELC 101 and pre- or co-requisite with ELC 105

Semi-conductor devices and circuitry including diode, transistor, and op amps used in power supplies, filters, amplifiers, and oscillator circuits. Also covers amplifier frequency response, antennas, transmitters, receivers and construction of circuitry from schematic diagrams.  Fee.

ELC 190 - Industrial Electronics I (4, 6)

Prerequisite: ELC 105 and ELC 110

A study of the characteristics and applications of thyristor devices including silicon controlled rectifiers and triacs. Also, an introduction to programmable logic controllers.  Fee.

ELC 215 - Digital Electronics II (4, 6)

Prerequisite: ELC 102, ELC 110

An introduction to microprocessor based digital computer systems and programming, the internal architecture of the microprocessor is discussed along with its instruction set. The interface between the microprocessor and various types of memory devices is discussed; including address, data and control bus systems and their timing. Assembly language programs utilizing the various addressing, data manipulation, and arithmetic operating modes are developed.  Fee.

ELC 225 - PC Systems Servicing (4.5, 6)

Prerequisite: Pre- or co-requisite: CIS 110 or consent of instructor

This course covers the disassembly and reassembly of a Pentium microprocessor-based personal computer. Includes troubleshooting techniques to identify a malfunctioning component, module, or circuit boards. Also preventive maintenance procedures and identification of I/O addresses, interrupt request lines, and direct memory access.  Fee.

ELC 230 - Electrical Drafting (3, 5)

Prerequisite: CAD 100

Application of computer-aided drafting principles to electricity, electronics, and industrial applications. Use of electrical and electronics symbols, schematic diagrams, block diagrams, wiring diagrams and installation drawings required in circuit design as well as printed circuit board layouts and artwork masters.  Fee.

ELC 270 - Industrial Instrumentation (4, 6)

Prerequisite: PHY 210

Operational principles of equipment and systems used to translate measurements of pressure, temperature, flow, quantity for direct readout or for feedback control systems using proportional, PI, PD, and PID control techniques.  Fee.

ELC 298 - ETA Certification Preparation (3, 3)

Prerequisite: ELC 190, ELC 205

A seminar course to prepare students for certification testing by the Electronic Technician Association. Practice ETA test will be administered after a period of interactively assessing the depth of the students knowledge of industrial electronics.

ELC 299 - Special Topics in Electronics Engineering Technology (Variable, 1-10)

Prerequisite: Completion of all 100 level ELC courses (except ELC 132)

Designed to be a third or fourth semester course to accommodate students with special needs, interests and requirements. Course subject matter will be taken from specific areas in electronics such as robotics, computers and communications, with the specific area selected, directed and scheduled by a faculty member in cooperation with the student.  Fee.

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