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Numbers in parenthesis are credit hours/semester and actual hours/week in class.

Where special course fees are required in addition to tuition, they are noted at the end of the individual course description. These fees are subject to change without prior notice.

CIS 112 - Computer Math (3, 3)

Prerequisite: MTH 095 or Exempt by Placement Test

This course is designed to teach students problem solving skills needed for information technology professional as well as mathematical topics. The course will cover the problem-solving, computer logic, algorithm creation and design, modular design, exponents, numbering systems, unit analysis, beginning algebra graphing.

CIS 120 - Cisco CCNA Exploration-Network Fundamentals (3, 4)

Prerequisite: CIS 180 or equivalent

The course is designed to introduce the various communication equipment used in building an effective Internet infrastructure. The course will provide product-specific installation and configuration. Equipment used in this class will include bridges, routers, gateways, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) modems, Digital and Channel Service Units (DSU/CSUs), and ISDN Pipelines devices. This course prepares the student for the first Cisco certification test.  Fee.

CIS 125 - Cisco CCNA Exploration - Routing Protocols & Concept (3, 4)

Prerequisite: CIS 120

The course will provide a hands-on learning experience in support, optimizing, managing, and troubleshooting and organizations Web-site. Students will be introduced to advanced Web-site design and integration. Multiple Web-servers using different operating systems will be used. Students will learn to integrate various Web applications across multiple servers into a single point of access. This course prepares the student for the second Cisco certification test.  Fee.

CIS 130 - Voice, Data, Fiber Optics and Cabling (3, 4)

The Voice, Data, Fiber Optics and Entertainment Cabling class is designed to give students hands-on experience for the physical aspects of voice and data network cabling. The course will focus on industry standards for types of media and cabling, physical and logical networks and signal transmission. Students will develop skills in pulling cable, mounting and wire management, identifying wiring closets, patch panel installation and termination, installation of jacks and testing cables.  Fee.

CIS 132 - Cisco IT Essentials v5 A+ Certification (4, 6)

Prerequisite: MIS 101 or equivalent

This course is designed to provide a in-depth knowledge of configuring, installing, diagnosing, repairing, upgrading, and maintaining computers and their peripheral. Customer relations skills will be presented to assure successful entry into computer service technician positions. The course is designed to prepare students to take the A+ certification exam.

CIS 180 - Network + Certification (3, 4)

Prerequisite: MIS 110 or equivalent

A study of the fundamentals of Data Communication and the part networks play in today’s business environment. A foundation for networking is established using the OSI layered model. Both Wide Area Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) are studied. COMPTIAs Net+ vendor independent certification program is used as an outline for the course.  Fee.

CIS 220 - Cisco CCNA Exploration - LANS Switching & Wireless (3, 4)

Prerequisite: CIS 125

The course is designed to provide a hands-on experience in implementing and configuring complex Cisco multiprotocol routers and switches. The class will include an introduction to switched Ethernet networks, Virtual LAN technology, spanning-tree protocols and configuration of Cisco switching devices. The class will also include advanced router concepts including access list management, IPX and IP filtering, traffic management, and IGRP implementation. Students will demonstrate the use of the Cisco IOS to configure network switching and routing devices. This course prepares the student for the third Cisco certification test.  Fee.

CIS 225 - Cisco CCNA Exploration - Access the WAN (3, 4)

Prerequisite: CIS 220

This course is a project in WAN design. The class will include an overview of WAN technologies and WAN configurations on a Cisco router. The second part of the class involves the design, implementation, configuration, and demonstration of a fully functional enterprise Intranet including HTTP, FTP, NNTP and email services. This course prepares the student for the Cisco certification test.  Fee.

CIS 227 - Wireless Certification (3, 4)

Prerequisite: CIS 120, CIS 125 or equivalent

Introduction to the design, implementation and maintenance of wireless networks. Topics include 802.11 standards, wireless radio technology, wireless topologies, access points, bridges, wireless security, site surveys, troubleshooting and antenna systems. This course helps students achieve the CWNA certification. This course has extensive laboratory components.

CIS 296 - Topics in Computer Technology (Variable, 1-12)

This course addresses the rapid changes in Computer Technology field by presenting leading edge subjects. The subject matter or topics will vary depending on changes in the industry.  Fee.

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